Welcome and be amazed by the weird and wonderful creatures that eke out an existence in the sacred forests and the beautiful, fierce nomadic tribe of the Antadroy, who still follow ancient traditions of ancestor worship.

Whether by day or night, on foot or by 4x4, the abundance of wildlife is a revelation. Our experienced guides will teach you their knowledge of the unique flora and fauna of the Gallery and Spiny forests.
Highlights include: Verreaux's Sifaka, Ring Tailed, Sportive and Mouse Lemurs, Spiny Octopus Trees (Alluaudia), Baobab trees and many species of amphibians, reptiles and birds.

The local markets are a delight of colour, sounds, smells, people, animals and, of course, the odd bargain. Join our guides as they take you on an unobtrusive tour to witness the many bizarre and fascinating traditions practiced by the Antandroy.
Highlights include: Sacred forests, tombs, ceremonies and cults of the Antandroy tribe as well as traditional music and dancing.